Endodontic MicroSurgery

Endodontic MicroSurgery

A regular root canal may not always be sufficient to preserve your tooth's health sometimes. An alternative procedure that can be used in such cases, endodontic microsurgery helps to easily locate small fractures or nearly unnoticeable root canals that a standard X-ray cannot reveal but causes pain within the tooth surface. This procedure is also used to treat the damaged surfaces of the root and the surrounding bones.

Endodontic Microsurgery

Endodontic Microsurgery is a precise procedure that uses a surgical operating microscope, special micro-instruments, and other most advanced materials. Here, the endodontist opens the gum tissue near the tooth to see the underlying bone and remove any infected or inflamed tissue and the end of the root. After this, a filling is placed in the root to seal the end of the root canal, and stitches are placed in the gingiva to help the tissue heal properly. The bone heals around the end of the root over some time.

When would dentists go for an Endodontic Microsurgery procedure?

This procedure is generally advised when the endodontist cannot remove the infection or inflammation in the bony area towards the root canal's end by a typical root canal procedure. The Endodontic Microsurgery procedure is advised in such cases to relieve the patient from pain or discomfort and revitalize the tooth's health and function. This procedure is often the right treatment if a tooth previously treated with root canal therapy starts causing pain or signs of infection. 

Endodontic Microsurgery procedure

During this procedure, the endodontist injects local anesthesia to numb the affected tooth and create a minimal incision around your gum line to access the tooth root. The infection is then extracted from the tip of your tooth root, and a small filling is placed as a sealant. The incision is then closed using tiny sutures. 

Benefits of Endodontic Microsurgery procedure

Though the typical root canal procedures have very high success rates, there are some rare chances that it may not work in some cases. These rare occurrences can be corrected with the help of an Endodontic Microsurgery procedure. The benefits of this procedure include the following:
  • It helps remove harmful infected tissues.
  • It reduces the chances of the occurrence of severe health problems.
  • It helps to relieve toothache and tooth sensitivity.
  • This procedure reduces the need for extraction.
  • This provides comfort and improves functionality.
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