Advanced Technologies

All technologies used in our San Jose Endodontic office are carefully chosen to make the patient experience better while helping us to be more efficient and productive. From our fully digital/paperless office to digital 2-D and more advanced focused 3-D imaging (CBCT), our patients learn just how big of a difference the right technology can make. Here are some examples of the technology that we use at GreenRoot to help us deliver the exceptional endodontic care we promise for all of our patients.

GreenRoot is pleased to offer the latest technology in Endodontic Radiology with KODAK 9000 3D Extraoral Imaging System which combines focused-field 3D technology with panoramic imaging to offer the highest resolution at the lowest radiation dose. This latest Endodontic technology allows us to have a complete 3D visualization of the teeth and supporting structures aiding in better diagnosis and treatment. Treatment decisions can change drastically with these advanced 3-D views. While CBCT is not used in every case but can be an invaluable diagnostic tool in situations like difficult-to-detect anatomy, extra canals, and thin fractures.

In our Endodontic office in San Jose, we use a surgical operating microscope during treatment. This provides us the magnification and illumination needed to visualize the minutest details inside your tooth such as complex root canal anatomy, extra or calcified canal, fracture lines, etc. Proper endodontic therapy is extremely difficult if not impossible to render without the use of the operating microscope.

We use an advanced non-film computerized system that produces radiation levels up to 90 percent lower than those of conventional dental x-ray machinery. Digital imaging also allows the patient to instantaneously view high-resolution images.

Using handheld I/O camera or a camera attached directly to the surgical microscope, we can capture a high-quality image and display it on our flat-screen TV. This useful tool provides us with the visual evidence needed to educate our patients about their endodontic condition and also helps them to make the treatment decisions with confidence.

GreenRoot Endodontics takes pride in offering a 100% digital platform with a chart/paperless office where all patient records, images, and x-rays are stored on a secure server with redundant backups. Other advantages of the digital office include time efficiency, ability to digitally store, transfer and/or enhance these images for better analysis.

While it is certainly true that none of this high-tech gadgetry replaces the warm & caring personalized Endodontic care you deserve but we can tell you with certainty that the quality of the care we can deliver is enhanced by many of these wonderful technological advancements in the Endodontics world.

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